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Sandstone is a traditional fireplace material available in 30, 50 and 80mm thick slabs. A uniform close grained sandstone often with areas of dark flecks. The finish is smooth but without any traces of a shine. The surface is however fairly porous and in a “dirty” environment such as an open fire or stove, treatment is essential to prevent it absorbing soot and ash.


Available in 20mm thick slabs this Granite is almost solid black with a deep shine for a modern sleek look.

Black Gloss Granite

Available in 20 & 30mm thick slabs with a charcoal grey appearance this slate has colour and texture variations providing character and interest.

Brazilian Black Slate

Available in 20mm thick slabs the honed granite is extremely hard wearing with a matt finish rather than a deep shine.

Honed Granite

Available in 20mm thick slabs this Italian Slate is perfectly smooth and Jet Black in colour.

Honed Slate

Only available in 30mm thick slabs this Grey/Green Slate is similar in appearance to Welsh Slate at a fraction of the cost.

Brazilian Grey Slate:

Available in 20mm thick slabs and the riven texture is created by the natural split of the boulder. Although the slate is textured the differences in thickness are calibrated to 1-2mm.

Riven Slate

Limestone is imported from Portugal and available in 20 or 30mm thick slabs. The finish is smooth without a shine but as with the sandstone, not a suitable choice for open fires and stoves.